Yin Yoga: Start to Stillness

A series of 7 yin yoga classes designed to empower your practice and connect with your body. Experience the profound rejuvenating effects of Yin Yoga.

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a style of yoga practice 1000s of years in the making. Combining deep awareness with the conscious movement of energy, Yin practice aims to harmonize the vital energies of the body to improve sense of wellbeing and overall wellness.

On the physical level, Yin is exercise for the joints. As we age, the tissues in our joints shift from supple too rigid over time. In Yin practice you are exercising these tissues so that they remain supple and the flow of energy in your body remains potent. When we exercise the joints and joint tissues, we are insuring healthy mobility and vitality as we age.

Many people think that exercise must be “YANG” or intense, quite the contrary, we MUST strive for balance in our care for our body. Yin yoga practice carries this much needed balance in order to return to vibrant and easeful health.

Yin is a quiet practice where the practitioner has the space to go inward and explore the inner universe. At the mental and emotional level of the practice, yin allows us space to practice meditation. This meditation is the possibility to be with yourself and expand your inner light and knowing. Deep wisdom comes through consistent yin practice. Wisdom comes from witnessing your inner process and clearing stuck emotional energy. Yin is highly effective in supporting meditation practice.

What you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to 7 classes, a journey from start to stillness. 
  • Each class is complete with instruction on the practice.
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Yin Yoga: Start to Stillness

Series of 7 Complete Yin yoga practices.

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